yoga holistic program


One-on-one sessions of my new YOGA HOLISTIC PROGRAM incorporate holistic health and life assessments to meet your individual health and wellness goals, for your peace of mind in daily life.

The YOGA HOLISTIC PROGRAM includes Yoga Movements and modifications according to the Ashtanga method, personality and life assessments that provide valuable insights on physical and mental patters and dispositions (karmic events), Aromatherapy, Breathing techniques, and healing Body Massage Treatments.

You have the option to take the YOGA HOLISTIC HEALTH ASSESSMENT online which we will briefly discuss in person at my lovely home studio in Zollikon (or via Skype/Zoom-call). This first meeting of approx. 30 min. is my initial GIFT to you, free of charge and with no obligation.

Please get in touch with me by email or call +41 76 688 1967.

One-on-one sessions take place in Zollikon. Outcalls upon request. 

For more than 20 years I have studied a unique kind of personality & life assessment method called "Pentanalogie" - this personal inner road map is a valuable support for aligning our lives with our goals and future and this alignment and knowledge frees up our energy and vision for change.

Together with one-on-one coaching and supports from Yoga, Breathing Techniques, Aromatherapy, and healing Bodytherapy, my new YOGA HOLISTIC PROGRAM combines my yearlong expertise in yoga, health and wellness to support you to have more energy, inspiration, ease and freedom in life. 

I am committed to the highest and the best
and I shall share the highest and the best with you.

Yoga is my Practice. Yoga is my Profession. 
I am a Yoga Holistic Health Professional.

Looking forward to speak soon,
Michelle Haymoz


To adequately support you, I would like to hear more about you and WHAT YOU WANT AND NEED to improve your well-being and peace of mind in your life and daily routine.

I am inviting you to take this CONFIDENTIAL SURVEY. Your participation allows me to develop yoga holistic services to support you and your needs as my contribution to your health and well-being.

And in appreciation I have a special GIFT to share with you!
You can choose between the options mentioned in the confidential survey.

All your information will be kept highly confidential and will not be shared with anyone else.