ASHTANGA YOGA taught according to Sri K. Patthabi Jois is a yoga practice where movements are synchronized with deep and calm breathing. Each pose in the Series is logically built upon each other, preparing and opening the body and mind for the next pose to come. Ashtanga is one of the most intelligent and wholesome yoga practice methods. It purifies, strengthens and beautifully shapes the body, calms the mind, and enhances the overall well-being.


Guided Class:
ASHTANGA YOGA playful Variations / workshop-style

According to Tim Miller's tradition, one day of the week the students can request an Ashtanga pose they wish to work on and practice more in-depth with research poses. The teacher composes the class according to the student's requests; a fun and playful class that may lead you slightly beyond your comfort zone as we cultivate body and mind by reaching further into the practice and approach new poses. The class is based upon the Primary and Intermediate Series, exploring the more challenging postures, enhancing strength, balance and flexibility, focusing on the steady and smooth flow of Ujjayi breathing, graceful movements, proper alignment and fine-tuning the execution of the asanas. With individual hands-on adjustments to deepen the practice, incorporating Pranayama, meditation and chanting. Although we may reach beyond the comfort zone, we shall stay within our safety zone; modifications and other options of the poses are always available. Workshop style class with deeper explanations and insights about Asanas and the Practice.

Participatory Class:
ASHTANGA YOGA Primary and partly Second Series

The student will be practicing along with the teacher and follow the teacher’s asana movements. The teacher announces the poses and can give some verbal cueing - if necessary - of this silent class. The student should be familiar with the Primary Series. We will also be moving into some asanas of the Second Series. The Participatory class is a silent class where the student practices yoga together with the teacher in the same rhythm and count. There are no hands-on adjustments during class. Pranayama and chanting are part of the class. This class takes place every Wednesday (sign-in required).

"Practice, practice, and all is coming." (Sri K. Patthabi Jois)