body therapy | massage

"Over nearly two decades I have been giving body therapy & healing energy sessions to many people. Everybody has a unique vibration and individual karmic imprints in their cell structure. That is why every therapy session is uniquely given according to the clients’ current physical/mental/spiritual disposition and needs in order to reach, improve and maintain overall balance and well-being."

MASSAGE is aimed to restore and rejuvenate the body and mind, to relax the nervous system, to increase flexibility, muscle tonus, immune system, vitality, and overall well-being on the physical and mental level.

REFLEXOLOGY reflects body mirrors itself in both hands and feet; body zone reflexology is an effective and alternative method using pressure points on feet and hands to access and treat the inner organs and the muscle structure of the body.

ENERGY WORK is the ability to access the body’s energy flow in order to gently transform vibrations into balancing and healing directions.

AROMATHERAPY, essential oils and hydrolates (water solution) are the essence of plant life, fragrant treasures, the soul of the plants. Each plant has its own scent profile and individual healing properties. Essential oils hold the life force within them, life energy and joy of life. Working with essential oils therefore means accessing this source of natural healing power. I work with the purest and highest frequency oils OSHADHI.


Degrees & Education

  • Classical (Swedish) Massage, IAC Zurich

  • Foot Reflexology Massage (Hanne Marquart), IAC Zurich

  • Extensive Studies in Energy Work and Breathing Techniques (traditional Pranayama sequence Sri K. Patthabi Jois/Tim Miller)

  • Arthur Lessac Body & Voice Training, University Gainesville, Florida

  • Therapeutic Movement through Imagery, Franklin Method Zurich

  • Aromatherapy Oshadhi at Usha Veda (various educational workshop and studies)

  • Aerobics & Health Instructor, Arena 225 Zurich

  • Classical Ballet training 1976-1986 at Zurich Opera

  • Ashtanga Yoga Instructor (Tim Miller's Teacher Trainings and daily practice / yogic self-study since 2004)