Dear Yoga Practitioners

In 2019, I am offering two kinds of Ashtanga Yoga classes, both 90 min., starting at 18.00 hr, at my sweet home studio (Oberdorfstrasse 29, 8702 Zollikon) as follows:

Guided Ashtanga playful Variation Class:

Ashtanga Yoga playful variations is a semi-private class with hands-on adjustments and personal instructions and modifications (workshop-style). Class is suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. Min. 3 and max. 5 practitioners.
18.00 - 19.30 hr

Participatory Ashtanga Class: Every Wednesday

You will be practicing along with me, follow my asana movements and count of the Primary and partly Second/Intermediate Series in the Ashtanga tradition. Although, this is a silent class, I will give oral cueing if necessary. Class is suitable for participants who have some experience in the Primary Series. Max. 5 practitioners. This class will take place every Wednesday evening.
18.00 - 19.30 hr

Pre-Registration required.

Sign up for classes Jan/Feb 2019 via Doodle


  • Classes start and end on time.

  • Min. 3 yoga practitioners per class, otherwise class will be cancelled.

  • Max. 5 yoga practitioners per class.

  • Payment in cash for now. Soon online booking available.

  • Cancellations made without 24 hr advance notice will be billed for the session. Thank you for your understanding and respecting the guidelines.


Ashtanga Yoga is a yoga practice where the continuous flow of movements is synchronised with a deep and calm breathing technique (Ujjayi breathing). This particular class “Ashtanga Yoga playful variations” combines movements and postures from both the primary as well as the intermediate Ashtanga series which are playfully composed into a flow, considering each student's level of practice and health needs.

Plenty of research poses with in-depth instruction, modifications and options of poses as well as individual hands-on adjustments are always offered. Although we sometimes may reach beyond the comfort zone as we cultivate body and mind by diving deeper into the practice, we shall stay within our safety zone. The class incorporates also Pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and chanting.

Ashtanga Yoga playful Variations is open to all levels of students aiming for a pleasant and enriching holistic experience.



  • Guided Class, 90 min.
    CHF 36, max. 5 practitioners (min. 3 practitioners)

  • Participatory Class, 90 min.
    CHF 29, max. 5 practitioners


  • 60 min. CHF 120

  • 90 min. CHF 150


One-on-one sessions of my new YOGA HOLISTIC PROGRAM incorporate holistic health and life assessments to meet your individual health and wellness goals.

The YOGA HOLISTIC PROGRAM includes Yoga Movements and modifications according to the Ashtanga method, personality & life assessments that provide valuable insights on physical and mental patters and dispositions (karmic events), Aromatherapy, Breathing techniques, and healing Body Massage Treatments.

One-on-one sessions take place in Zollikon. Outcalls upon request.  PRICING OVERVIEW OF ALL SERVICES

Please use contact form or call +41 76 688 1967 to schedule a call or appointment. English and German speaking.